[Wolves] Going To OggCamp11 *Rant*

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Tue Jul 19 05:55:15 UTC 2011

Hi All

Would anyone like to borrow my glasses? Clearly the vast majority, no 
wait 98% of Wolves Lug has missed Ron's post about OggCamp that must be 
the reason? What is the matter with everyone? Does the Lug simply 
consist of six hard core member's who turn up at the moon under the 
water every other Wednesday?

While we all lament the passing of LugRadio Live we had it cushy for six 
years with the event being on the Wolves Lug doorstep but the spirit of 
this type of event lives on in OggCamp. True it's a bit of a trek but 
Ron has risen to the challenge and offered members a way of getting 
there, and back if you want to camp like Ron and I, yet there sits Ron's 
email with just two names on on it.

True I did hear a mumble about "I'll drive down myself" so it would seem 
only three Lug members are going out of how many? Wolves Lug started 
this kind of event, Okay yes it was Jono, Adam, Aq and Chris as the main 
protagonists but Lug members ran the bloody thing we all worked hard 
behind the scenes to make it happen and now that Jono and Aq have moved 
on nobody seems to care any more not only about events but the Lug too I 
hasten to add.

The mailing list used to be very active now look at it? Six days ago! 
Six! Since the last email. Matt (TDTRS) wants to do a section on *The 
Dick Turpin Roadshow* "Is the Lug dead?" this morning I feel like he 
might have a point, prove me wrong before we record on Sunday drag your 
carcass to an event, sign up to Ron's *Coach trip to geekyness* all the 
old favourites will be there, Ade, Popey, Chris and many others you all 

Tickets? "I haven't got a ticket" not a good enough excuse you'll get in 
are they going to refuse Wolves lug members? No of course not.


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