[Wolves] LugRadio Live to reform

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Sun Jun 5 20:25:18 UTC 2011

On 05/06/2011 21:06, David Goodwin wrote:
> On 5 Jun 2011, at 20:57, Peter Cannon wrote:
>> Hi All
>> And what was I saying on Wednesday Dave about Jono needing to get 
>> back into the lime light?
> Hahaha. All hail King Cannon!
> (I'm not overly surprised)
When will people learn?
All of my predictions come true in the end, OK they might take 10 years 
but they still come true. :-)

I bet he's still a prig and refuses to use this little skit I wrote for 
the supposed last LugRadio Live.

Set the scene

Flight of steps leading to dank basement that is the home of LugRadio 
now covered in dust and cobwebs.

[*Sound of echoing foot steps down the stairs*] (No theme tune)

Adam: Who's got the key?

Chris: I think Aq's got it.

Aq: Don't look at me.

Johno: Its under the flower pot.

[*Sound of key turning in lock and a creaking door opening*]

Jono: What's that smell?

Adam: Sorry lads.

[*Pause for laughter*] (Hopefully)

Chris: Its Aq's socks, he left them here after the last show!

Aq: I've been looking for them.


Jono: Come on lads lets get started, Chris fire up the equipment.

[*Sound of engine turning over but failing to start*]

Aq: Sounds like the battery's fucked

Jono: Adam nip to the van and get the jump leads.

[*Adam, sounds of muttering "Why's it always me, mutter mutter"*]

[*Sound of engine turning over*]

[*Sound of crackling and distorted Lugradio theme tune*]

Jono: That's not good

Chris: Lets go for a pint and try again later

Aq: Its not my round!

Adam: I'm skint

Jono: Oh alright I'll get the first one.

Chris: That smells back again?

Adam: Sorry lads.

[*Pause for laughter*] (Hopefully)

[*Sound of crackling and distorted Lugradio theme tune fade out*]

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