[Wolves] Funny happenings with LTSP

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 22:37:28 UTC 2011

On 6 March 2011 18:29, Mark Ellse <me at chaseacademy.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> We have a lovely LTSP setup at Chase Academy, which Ron helped us set up
> some years ago. It serves us very well.
> The server in our IT room serves about 16 clients. The switch that is
> connected between the clients and the server is an old 100M switch, so I
> thought I would replace it with a switch which has at least one 1GB port for
> the server, to avoid there being a bottleneck there. (Our original server
> has now been upgraded incorporating an SSD, which does speed things up.)
> I bought some secondhand Netgear layer 2 managed switches. They simply don't
> work when an LTSP client is connected. But the non working is bizarre.
> This works
> LTSP server -> 100M switch -> client
> This does not work
> LTSP server -> 1G managed switch -> client
> So you think that there must be something wrong with the settings on the
> managed switch. But when we put the old tatty switch on the output of the 1G
> managed switch, it works, viz:
> This works:
> LTSP server -> 1G managed switch -> 100M switch -> client.
> Obviously everything necessary for the proper working of LTSP is getting
> through the 1G switch.
> This is a puzzler. Any ideas?
> A bottle of champagne for the first correct solution! And I drink it myself
> if I get there first!
> Cheers,
> Mark.

Hi Mark.  Absolutely nothing to do with this thread, sorry.  Would you
mind telling me whether you have another e-mail address with
'arkrites' in it?

Feel free to reply off list if you wish.


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