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Mon Mar 7 15:44:01 UTC 2011

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On 07/03/11 15:13, Mark Ellse wrote:
> Stephen,
>     Can you reset the managed switch to default settings maybe they have a
>     setting from it's 1st hand?
> I can reset the switch to default. There are two ways of doing it, and I
> have tried both. I have a number of the same type of switch and two
> samples of them both do the same thing. 

Can you manually examine the config on the switch? It's possible there
is some residual config left somewhere, perhaps the use of VLANs which
restrict access to certain switch ports.

Other than that, Gb ethernet uses all 4 pairs on an ethernet cable,
unlike 10 and 100 MB, which only use 2 pairs. As a result, as Alex
suggested, 100 Mb will often work on cables with broken pairs, where Gb
ethernet exposes the fault and won't work.

The only other thing I can think is maybe your clients are failing to
auto-negotiate the speed setting when 1GB is available. This seems
unlikely to be honest but you could check it by booting your thin
clients from a live CD or USB stick and using ethtool when attached to
the Gb switch, e.g.:

ethtool eth0

It's possible that you might need to install ethtool inside the live CD
environment depending on what you use, which is do-able but not when
your switch doesn't work ;)


Adam Sweet

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