[Wolves] Funny happenings with LTSP

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Mon Mar 7 16:02:09 UTC 2011

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On 07/03/11 15:21, Mark Ellse wrote:

> interface Ethernet 1/1
> spanning-tree port-priority 128
> spanning-tree cost 200000
> no spanning-tree fastlink
> cos normal
> dot1x port-control authorized
> no shutdown
> flow-ctrl
> description "Not Defined   "
> speed 100M
> duplex full
> no negotiation

No sure how the syntax works on these switches, but you would normally
auto-negotiate the speed and whether it's full or half duplex rather
than set them manually unless it's connected to another managed switch.

I'm also wondering whether that spanning-tree setting means spanning
tree is on or whether it's set to be off/in fast mode. I think it means
the fast mode is off.

Spanning tree locks all switchports while it sends a packet out of each
one to see if there are any switching loops which would cause a
broadcast storm, which with your clients doing DHCP early in the boot
process, might be too soon for the spanning tree. Spanning tree takes
around 30 seconds on average before the port is usable but may take
longer according to the manufacturer. You might try changing the
spanning tree setting to whatever it's opposite setting is, presumably:

spanning-tree fastlink

for all interfaces. Or completely off if possible. That way, the
spanning tree should happen as quickly as possible and you clients
should be able to boot. I suspect this might be why it works when the
clients are connected to the old switch, because no new interfaces are
going up on the managed switch triggering the spanning tree.


Adam Sweet

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