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Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Thu Mar 17 17:12:42 UTC 2011

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On 17/03/11 14:04, Kevanf1 wrote:
> Adam.  Do you have an unlocked phone available to you?  My thoughts
> would be to get a   3 network SIM and put that into an unlocked phone
> and see how it performs on signal strength for a week or so.  You
> wouldn't have to put any credit on just keep an eye on the actual
> signal strength.

As it happens, I think that's what I'm going to do. A friend of mine has
an old unlocked Android phone so I'll give it a shot. Otherwise, the
comments from Ron and Alex sound promising enough. Thanks for those guys :)

I just ordered some Three SIMs. The form didn't work, so I kept trying
every few minutes and it then said I've hit the maximum order level, so
I may well get loads of Three SIMs through the post if anybody wants any ;)

> I'm afraid I've always heard the same as you have though about '3'.
> Surely they must have improved by now though?

It does look like they no longer have a 2G backup network, which could
be an issue elsewhere, though I always use wifi at home.


Based on what I've read, I'm confident that 3G will work most places
I'll need it, I just need to make sure the telephone signal is strong
enough as that is the main historic issue the Three network.

Thanks guys.


Adam Sweet

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