[Wolves] Cryptonomicon and on-line Science Fiction and Fantasy book chooser flow-chart

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Thu Oct 20 21:14:21 UTC 2011

> See ye olde slashot article:

> I'd  never heard of Cryptonomicon until last night's discussion on SF.
> So,  I'm sat here eating my lunch and browsing t'inter-web, and on
> slashdot I see  the above article, and follow the link to the  interactive
> version...
> First question: Where do you want to start?  (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
> I chose: SF
> Second question: Do you  like Cyberpunk? (Yes/No/Maybe)
> I chose: Maybe
> Recommendation:  Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
> S P O O K Y !

See I said you should read it and now the forces of darkness agree :)

I reckon I've read 27 of them and seen the films of 10 others. Generally its a 
good list but  I'm not sure Going Postal is the second best Pratchett (seriously 
not  Mort? or Guards Guards? or Interesting Times? or or...)


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