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On 26/04/12 00:42, James Turner wrote:
> On 25/04/12 15:24, Kris Douglas wrote:
>> On 25 April 2012 15:16, Claire<lug at sitesearcher.co.uk>  wrote:
>>> On 25/04/12 12:27, Dave Morley wrote:
>>>> On 25/04/12 12:03, John Rose wrote:
>>>>> Does anyone know the names of largish organisations in the
>>>>> UK which use a Linux distro as their main OS etc on their
>>>>> desktops& laptops?
>>>>> Similarly, can anyone name any orgs in the W-ton area who
>>>>> do the same?
>>>> Not so many people use Linux on the desktop across the uk,
>>>> however loads use it on their servers, The government for one
>>>> and many others.
>>>> For desktop usage the big ones are likely in Europe, France
>>>> has Ubuntu installed on all citreon/puegeot systems there is
>>>> an entire region of spain that use their version of Ubuntu
>>>> across everything (Gaudia Linux I think), germany has in
>>>> places etc, etc, etc
>>> The London Stock Exchange uses Linux now I think, not sure
>>> about desktops.
> The LSE uses a Linux-based trading plaform provided by Millenium
> IT (http://www.milleniumit.com/).
>> Maplin use Fedora on (almost) all of their in-store kiosk
>> machines.
> ...and I've noticed at least one thin client running Red Hat at
> Ikea.

That reminds me... Virgin Atlantic's in-flight entertainment system
runs on Linux and parcel couriers City Link's parcel management system
was a (k?)console app running on a KDE desktop but it was quite a few
years ago now.


Adam Sweet

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