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Wayne Morris waynelists at machx.co.uk
Thu Dec 6 09:50:55 UTC 2012

Hiya guys,

right, the phone system suppliers provide a browser plugin for Chrome, 
Firefox and IE.
They do seem to operate exactly as the Skype extension
View source just shows my original source code as in php file.

Now this is where investigation gets interesting - it does work in all 
browsers in this portion of a file:

echo "      <td width=\"35%\">Tn</td>";
echo "      <td width=\"65%\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"town\" 
size=\"20\" value=\"".$row["town"]."\"></td>";
echo "      <td width=\"35%\">Cty</td>";
echo "      <td width=\"65%\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"county\" 
size=\"20\" value=\"".$row["county"]."\"></td>";
echo "      <td width=\"35%\">P</td>";
echo "      <td width=\"65%\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"postcode\" 
size=\"20\" value=\"".$row["postcode"]."\"></td>";
echo "   </br>";
echo "    <tr>";
echo "      <td width=\"35%\">Home Phone</td>";
echo "      <td width=\"65%\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"workphone\" 
size=\"25\" value=\"".$row["workphone"]."\"></td>";
echo  "Click to ring (need browser plugin) :  ";
echo  $row["workphone"];

but this works only in Firefox from this one from a different page:

if ($row["alertareaman"] == 1)
  {$checkk = checked;}
else {$checkk = unchecked;}
echo "      <td width=\"35%\">Alert Area Manager to problem? (shows 
property on area manager page</td>";
echo "      <td width=\"65%\"><input type=\"checkbox\" 
name=\"alertareaman\" $checkk></td>";
echo "   </tr>";
echo "<hr>";
echo "<br><b>Tenancy Details<br></b>";
echo "      <td width=\"35%\">Tenant</td>";
echo "      <td width=\"65%\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"tenant\" 
size=\"20\" value=\"".$row["tenant"]."\"></td>";
echo "      <td width=\"35%\">Tenant Phone</td>";
echo "      <td width=\"65%\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"tenantno\" 
size=\"20\" value=\"".$row["tenantno"]."\"></td>";
echo  "Click to ring (need browser plugin) :  ";
echo  $row["tenantno"];


As a sideline, the extension also renders some timestamps as clickable, 
but prob just a coincidence.


On 06/12/2012 09:22, Mark Rogers wrote:
> On 5 December 2012 17:20, Wayne Morris <waynelists at machx.co.uk 
> <mailto:waynelists at machx.co.uk>> wrote:
>     got a browser plugin that allows you to use a voip phone system to
>     dial a number from a link on a webpage,
>     [...]
>     works fine on Firefox, does not give the link on Chrome or IE.
>     Is there something else i need to do to get the code right to be
>     accepted , guess its a 'standards' thing?
> I'm a bit confused here, as you say you have a browser plugin (which 
> would by definition make it browser specific)?
> It sounds like you have a Firefox plugin that locates phone numbers on 
> a web page and turns them into clickable links that make a VoIP 
> connection (you don't say what plugin you have, although I have seen 
> Skype plugins that do this). If so then the likelihood is that you're 
> going to need to find a similar plugin for the other browsers that you 
> want to support (which may or may not exist).
> Creating tel: links (as per David's comment) may work if the user has 
> something configured to handle them and may be a more generic solution 
> (provided you can find a suitable handler for tel: links).
> I think more detail is needed in general here.
> Mark
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