[Wolves] SOLVED Re: Hyoerlinks on a php page

Wayne Morris waynelists at machx.co.uk
Thu Dec 6 14:46:03 UTC 2012

Bloody thing - lesson - always check the data and don't assume stuff!!

Came down to the browser plugins are a bit clever than I assumed (I 
assumed they wern't because they were rendering a datestamp as a phone 
as well as other numerical data.)
Turns out tho, they ARE picky enough to not link an incorrect mobile 
number - eg with one digit to long ...
and being stupid i was viewing one record (with correct no) in FF, and 
an incorrect one in Chrome/IE   -- der

thanks for helping with my timewaste... wish it was billable lol



On 06/12/2012 14:14, Mark Rogers wrote:
> Hi Darren,
>     No, it all works.
>     echo "      <td width=\"35%\">Tn</td>";
>     produces
>     Tn
> I think there has been come confusion here (you indicated previously 
> that "view source" in the browser "just shows my original source code 
> as in php file", which is at odds with the statement above).
> When you view the page in the browser, the above snippet shows "Tn". 
> That suggests that if you "view source" in the browser you should be 
> able to locate the actual HTML code that generates this (<td 
> width="35%">Tn</td>). Just to confirm, you get to this in Firefox from 
> Tools -> Web Developer -> Page Source or using the keyboard shortcut 
> Ctrl-U.
> If you can reproduce here the page source relating to the phone number 
> links, that's will help people here understand what is happening. 
> Obviously you can change the numbers to protect them, but that raw 
> code that the browser is seeing is important.
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