[Wolves] Short Intro

Ashley Smith ashleykevinsmith at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 21:16:43 UTC 2012

I've just joined the mailing list ! (hurrah). My name is Ashley, I'm 22 and
a second year CS student at Birmingham City University.

I've never managed to become a Linux purist as I still have to use Windows
for my courses (and games of course, but support is getting there!). I
mainly use a mix of Arch(for learning) and CrunchBang debian for my Uni
work when I can as it's fairly solid. I have 2 systems with Linux. A power
house with a 3D monitor, and a small ThinkServer that I plan to use for
Linux networking practice when I catch up with my Uni work.

I'm a software engineer at heart, love to tinker with stuff when I can get
the time. Currently learning bloody UML at University.. Agile coding am I

Anyway, apart from that I'm jobless and eat lots of pasta.

Hope to learn and drink with you all,

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