[Wolves] Selling a couple of servers

Nigel R nigelren at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 20:58:33 UTC 2012

I'm thinking of selling the servers I have as they've sat unused for a while.

They are:
IBM e326m - 2xOpteron 285 ( 2.6GHz, dual core ), think it's 4GB, 80GB sata (not hotswap ), dual nic.

HP DL585 G2 - upgraded to 4xOpteron 8356( 2.3GHz, quad core ) so is more a G5, P400 raid card ( 256MB ) with BBWC, dual hot swap PSU, dual nic + ilo nic, memory 24GB ( negotiable ), currently has 2x500gb WD drives ( again negotiable ) - but there will be 4 drive caddies included - takes 2.5" drives in hot swap bay.

They are both in reasonably good condition - although the DL585 looks as though one of the rail lugs has been bent - so probably won't rack mount ( AFAIK ).  Have had them both running a private cloud ( as you do ) using Ubuntu Eucalyptus, but I now have the kit to run this with a lot less noise.

If anyone is interested and wants more details/photos/talk prices then please e-mail me off list.

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