[Wolves] Feedback From First Time Attendee

Scott Cooper scottc at siliconism.net
Thu Feb 9 15:23:06 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I thought I would give my honest feedback on attending the meet last night
(08/02/12) for any other potential 'lurkers' and/or people who may have
been considering going..

It was horrible and I hated every last second...only joking!

Of course I knew the first time could possibly be a little awkward as it
is clearly an established group (and if I'm truthful, I'm more comfortable
with computers than people..) however I didn't actually feel uncomfortable
at any point...there was a fair amount of the evening that I was unable to
put into context but that was to be expected.

Unfortunately due to work commitments I had to leave quite early into the
evening but in the time I spent there absorbing the randomness and history
I could see that it is a great bunch of knowledgeable people of which a
lot could be learned from.

So to conclude, I would definitely recommend going and if they would have
me back then I would gladly continue to go (though again, due to work
commitments, not as regularly as I would like)


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