[Wolves] Advice on how to teach myself Linux - novice

Claire lug at sitesearcher.co.uk
Sun Jan 1 15:50:41 UTC 2012

On 31/12/11 14:02, Peter Cannon wrote:
> On 31/12/2011 10:28, Daryl wrote:
>> I am looking to finally teach myself Linux after dabbling with it.
>> Can anyone advise me on good resources/books for a novice.
> What do you mean by "Teach myself Linux"?
> If it's simply getting to grips with a particular distribution you'll
> get loads of "Use Ubuntu, use Ubuntu" on this list. I'd say Linux Mint
> if you're a complete n00b.
> Seeing as you've "Dabbled" try Fedora (That's bleeding edge) or CentOS I
> wouldn't be so cruel as to suggest Arch Linux to you yet but then again
> if you have the basics why not?
> Mind you the original question still stands.

I would say give Mageia a go. It stems from Mandriva/Mandrake which has 
always been thought of as being easy to use.

I guess the first lesson you will probably have learned about Linux is 
that everybody has their own opinions and favourites!

As with most things though, the real way to learn how it works under the 
covers is by mending it when it isn't doing what you want it to.


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