[Wolves] grub2 remove an embedded config

Re-LoaD reload at brum2600.net
Sat Jan 14 00:28:37 UTC 2012

On 13/01/2012 10:20, Kris Douglas wrote:

thanks for the replies but no thats not what I mean and I don't use 
Micro$haft products (unless I own someone else's box) ;-)

see this from the man file

5.3 Embedding a configuration file into GRUB

GRUB supports embedding a configuration file directly into the core 
image, so that it is loaded before entering normal mode. This is useful, 
for example, when it is not straightforward to find the real 
configuration file, or when you need to debug problems with loading that 
file. grub-install uses this feature when it is not using BIOS disk 
functions or when installing to a different disk from the one containing 
/boot/grub, in which case it needs to use the search command (see 
search) to find /boot/grub.

To embed a configuration file, use the -c option to grub-mkimage. The 
file is copied into the core image, so it may reside anywhere on the 
file system, and may be removed after running grub-mkimage.

what I have is the system boots and tries the Embedded file that has the 
wrong location of a partition. I can't simply just reinstall to the MBR 
because {IMHO} the grub-install scripts don't seem to be able to handle 
LVM's to well..

So yeah the system posts then goes to boot, flashes up a "no such disk" 
error enters normal mode and loads the grub.cfg file from /boot/grub 
that is on a partition out side the LVM..

The system is usable ok no problem I was just looking for a way to fix 
the error msg.

I think I'll try cleaning the mbr's and reinstall grub once more 
tomorrow now I've had a break from it for a couple of days. I'll post 
the results but either way the box will be going back in the rack 
tomorrow it's only my "home dev server" (thats another way to say Pr0n box)



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