[Wolves] GPS Data Logger

Rob Broadfield rob.broadfield at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 1 23:43:48 UTC 2012

> > On 28/06/12 23:10, chris procter wrote:
> >>
> >> I have one of thesehttp://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/NaviGPS (a GT11
> >> to be precise)
> >>
> >> The only issue is that they seem a lot more expensive then they used
> >> to be, its a good bit of kit but this
> >> http://www.amazon.co.uk/GPS-Genie-GT-31/dp/B0036PFFAQ is a lot more
> >> then I paid!

Thanks Chris.  Too right about the price!  I did some more research and
have found a second hand Holux GPSport 245 for about £35 that will do
the job and has good reviews.  For the price you'd now pay for the Genie
from Amazon you'd get a new souped up 260 with Heart Rate Monitor

There is a Java based Linux application called BT747 that will take the
data off the device, filter it and convert it to various formats (for
use on Google Earth or Openstreetmap). It can also be used to change
some of the settings on the device.

Matthew mentioned a Garmin Edge.  I've heard mixed reviews about these
and they are quite expensive.  It seems you pay a higher price for the
name on these units.  Bryton are a Taiwan based company that sell units
based on the Garmin Edge models with similar functionality but about
£100 less in some cases - with good reviews.

>> On 29/06/12 11:36, Claire wrote:
> > You can always try something like mapmyride.com they have an app for
> > your phone that produces a trace. It gives an amazing amount of detail
> > like elevation, climbs etc. It may be worth a look before shelling out
> > on a dedicated unit.
> >
> > Claire

Thanks Claire.  If I had a smart-phone I might have considered this for 
occasional use.  I don't know how good these phones are at picking up a
signal or how waterproof they are (British Summer!). Does anyone have
experience of using their phone for this purpose?  There is a risk of
having some sticky-fingered individual swipe the phone so it would be
best to keep it in your pocket/rucksack rather than on the bike - so use
for navigation or monitoring time/speed etc would be tricky.

>On Fri, 2012-06-29 at 12:18 +0100, Ron Wellsted wrote:
> or you could be really hard-core and build your own with an Arduino and 
> a stack of readily available shields (Uno/Leonardo + GPSshield + 
> SDcardShield + Nokia LCD Shield).  You would probably have to write the 
> software yourself and it would cost more (but it would be fun to do).
> Ron

If only I had the time or patience, Ron.  For the same reason I wouldn't
consider having a go at Linux From Scratch.  I'd much rather put my
faith in the experts and buy a GPS logger/install a ready-built Linux
Distro.  It will be a steep enough learning curve for me to try the
GPSport with the BT747 application and Open Street Maps.

Thanks for the tips anyway, folks.  I will let you know how I get on
with the device.  I will get a good chance to try it out in two weeks
when I take part in a 20 mile ride over Cannock Chase.


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