[Wolves] Log in, and use with php/mysql

Wayne Morris waynelists at machx.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 23:28:55 UTC 2012

Building a fairly simple and low user web based database with mysql/php 
and looking at not so much authenticating users, as tracking who did 
what to the data.

Probably only about 15 users tops , and once they are in - they can only 
update records (which have a log feature so changes recorded) - just want to
know who changed what.

As the users are already allowed/barred from the entire webserver based 
on a .htaccess and .htpasswd file combination, is it possible to pull 
the user name
from this so that if bob signs in, bob can be used as variable to insert 
into records showing he altered it?

If not (or 'not a good idea') what is the simplest php access to use - 
all the ones I'm googling seem to revolve around letting hundreds of 
users sign up - don't want
that - I'm going to set allowed users and set their passwords, and once 
in they can fiddle with only a handful of pages.



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