[Wolves] Help me test my vegan recipes web-site, please

Keith Edmunds kae at midnighthax.com
Tue Jul 17 18:52:06 UTC 2012

[Hi Andy]

> Because of the 'cookie law' it's now illegal to just drop cookies for
> state tracking, so I decided to avoid them entirely for non-logged in
> users.

I can understand that conclusion, but that's not the law as I understand
it (not that it's easily understood, mind). According to the Information
Commissioner's Office, "Some cookies can be exempted from informed consent
under certain conditions if they are not used for additional purposes.
These cookies include cookies used to keep track of a user’s input when
filling online forms or as a shopping card, also known as session-id
cookies, multimedia player session cookies and user interface
customisation cookies, eg language preference cookies to remember the
language selected by the user."

That's taken from
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