[Wolves] Help me test my vegan recipes web-site, please

Chris Ellis chris.ellis.intrbiz at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 17 23:08:18 UTC 2012


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>> [Hi Andy]
>>> Because of the 'cookie law' it's now illegal to just drop cookies for
>>> state tracking, so I decided to avoid them entirely for non-logged in
>>> users.
>> I can understand that conclusion, but that's not the law as I understand
>> it (not that it's easily understood, mind). According to the Information
>> Commissioner's Office, "Some cookies can be exempted from informed consent
>> under certain conditions if they are not used for additional purposes.
>> These cookies include cookies used to keep track of a user’s input when
>> filling online forms or as a shopping card, also known as session-id
>> cookies, multimedia player session cookies and user interface
>> customisation cookies, eg language preference cookies to remember the
>> language selected by the user."
>> That's taken from
>> http://www.ico.gov.uk/for_organisations/privacy_and_electronic_communications/the_guide/cookies.aspx
>> Yes, I read a lot on that site, but it also says that exemption is a grey area, and re-iterates that you can't just say they are essential - there's a legal definition of that and it's not necessarily waht you'd expect.
>> Andy D'Arcy Jewell
>> SysMicro Linux Support

And on a less cookie note, mmm cookies.

It's certainly quite quick.  But then the page size is low.

Have you done any testing with ab?

Its common to find apps are really quick with 1 or 2 users, but as
soon as you have high concurrent load it all falls apart.

Especially with the likes of mod_python, which can seriously
bloat Apache processes.

However, I assume that Flask is running its own pure Python
web server?

I don't believe a server with such a small amount of RAM exist :p
Are you running it from a R PI or something.

I like the clean, no fuss design.

I would suggest:

1. Make the main banner link to the home page, this is kinda defacto
2. A bit more white space between text on the home page and on other listings


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