[Wolves] Help me test my vegan recipes web-site, please

Wayne Morris waynelists at machx.co.uk
Tue Jul 17 23:08:42 UTC 2012

On 17/07/2012 23:58, Chris Ellis wrote:
> You also cannot bury in your sites T&C's that you are using tracking 
> cookies, it has to be a positive action agreeing to it. Also, note the 
> law is written not to be specific about cookies. It is storing data on 
> an end user terminal, so you can't say use caching to get around it. 
> This is the stance I take on my websites. Chris 
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I think I'll wait for some 'actual cases' to worry about it...
as is - someone sues someone, damages and costs awarded...

If English law has some sense (and it does occaisonly), its going to 
award 2p damages and no costs for a recipe site using cookies ;-)

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