[Wolves] Php datepicker calendar - choosing dates

Wayne Morris waynelists at machx.co.uk
Mon Mar 5 15:30:40 UTC 2012

I'm using some code from datepicker to use a calendar to allow people to 
book in.

I can work out how to block say every sat,sun,mon etc using 
disableddays, but want to allow occasional Sats (like one a month which 
i don't mind editing code for as they arise)

So got:
                       $myCalendar = new tc_calendar("date2");
                       $myCalendar->setDate(date('d'), date('m'), 
                       $myCalendar->setYearInterval(2012, 2013);
                       $myCalendar->dateAllow('2012-03-3', '2012-08-05', 
                       //$myCalendar->autoSubmit(true, "", "test.php");
                       //$myCalendar->autoSubmit(true, "form1");
Can I overide the disabledays with a 'except these' or do i have to do 
it some other way?
Also, can I add a 'you haven't changed calendar, have another go' else 
they might just choose default.

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