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Mike Hingley computa_mike at hotmail.com
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I would suggest a query like this...
Select * from calendar where event-date between '2012-3-29 00:00:00' and '2012-03-29 23:59:59'

that should* show all the events for 29 March 2012.

Not sure that's the most efficient mechanism... group by might be more efficient. 

Does that help?

*syntax may not be 100% corect...may have to convert date string to a date.

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On 08/03/12 13:11, Wayne Morris wrote:
> The problem is I don't know the next date (it is a timestamp) and I > don't want the stuff AFTER the date, its basically a simple
> calendar preview - your next day with stuff to do is this date, and > contains these items eg
> Fri 9th apples, pears , bananas
> tues 16th eggs, beans
> thurs 18th turkey, ham
> I just want to click and get "apples etc" if I click on thurs 8th., > and if clicked on sat 1Oth get eggs,beans, with your first I would get > all (as i do with current set up),
> or i'd need to put a date in a search box (which i've also got).
> cheers
Maybe the mysql date functions can help, particularly adddate():


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