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I should have put the T42 in as part of the following list, but I
thought about it in the wrong order...

* PC games - Max Payne, Rainbow Six 3: Raven's Shield, Championship
Manager 03/04, Football Manager 2007 and 2010, couple of Worms games,
Deus Ex 1 and 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Fifa 2001, Tiger Woods
Gold 2001.
* Linux compatible games: Postal 1 and 2, X2 The Threat
* About 7 or 8 old PCs, ranging from 500-600MHz to 1.8 GHz, all single
core. They're fixer uppers that have been waiting for me for over a
year so something tells me I'm not going to get round to it.
* Reluctantly, a Sun Ultra 10 SPARC workstation with type 5 keyboard
and mouse. I might change my mind about this, I really liked it :) 512
MB RAM, 20 GB disk I think and 440 MHz Sparc CPU. As featured in Enemy
of the State...
* Neuros OSD - plays digital video on a TV, can also record from an
analogue TV source to digital format. Standard def only. Codec support
isn't perfect.
* 1 pair desktop speakers
* US Robotics 54g PCMCIA wifi card
* Firewire cable, small one end, large on the other. No idea what that
* Book: Absolute Beginner's Guide to A+ Certification
* Webcam: Phillips PCVC680K with a little tripod
* 20GB 4300 RPM laptop PATA hard disk: needs wiping before use
* 256MB 100MHz RAM stick for laptop, came from Tiny laptop
* 512MB EEC RAM from HP ML115 G5
* 2 x 512 MB 400 MHz RAM from Dell XPS M1710
* Quite a few 100Mb PCI network cards, mostly D-Link but the odd 3COM
or Intel.
* Few PCI graphics cards
* Misc USB/firewire PCI cards
* 4 port USB 2.0 hub
* Linksys WAG354G ADSL router
* Various ~80GB SATA and PATA hard disks, mostly Maxtor
* Some PS/2 keyboards and mice
* Cheap USB Canon scanner
* Mini USB keyboard with the Windows key missing
* A couple of internal floppy drives
* USB to PS2 mouse connectors
* Lots of misc connectors, IDE cables and whatnot. If you need some
common bits just ask and I'll see if I have any.
* Analogue PC TV card: pretty useless these days
* 2 x Open Rights Group laptop stickers and one LugRadio one.

There are other things too but I haven't found them yet. Where a few
people want the same thing, winner decided by earliest mailing list
timestamp. Collection from my house or a LUG meeting only.

Jeez, I've got some crap. There's probably a fair bit more but I just
can't see it beneath this lot.


Adam Sweet

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