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I found a few more things and have taken out the things that have been

* PC games - Max Payne, Championship Manager 00/01 and 03/04, Football
Manager 2007 and 2010, couple of Worms games, Deus Ex 1 and 2, Return
to Castle Wolfenstein, Fifa 2001, Tiger Woods Gold 2001.
* Linux compatible games: Postal 1 and 2, X2 The Threat
* About 7 or 8 old PCs, ranging from 500-600MHz to 1.8 GHz, all single
core. They're fixer uppers that have been waiting for me for over a
year so something tells me I'm not going to get round to it.
* Neuros OSD - plays digital video on a TV, can also record from an
analogue TV source to digital format. Standard def only. Codec support
isn't perfect.
* 2 pairs desktop speakers
* US Robotics 54g PCMCIA wifi card
* Firewire cable, small one end, large on the other. No idea
what that means.
* 256MB 100MHz RAM stick for laptop, came from Tiny laptop
* Quite a few 100Mb PCI network cards, mostly D-Link but the
odd 3COM or Intel.
* Few PCI graphics cards
* Misc USB/firewire PCI cards
* 2 x PS/2 keyboards and some mice
* Cheap USB Canon scanner
* Mini USB keyboard with the Windows key missing
* A couple of internal floppy drives
* USB to PS2 mouse connectors
* Lots of misc connectors, IDE cables and whatnot. If you need some
common bits just ask and I'll see if I have any.
* Analogue PC TV card: pretty useless these days
* An AMD CPU and heatsink, speed unknown, but it was from the Athlon
XP era, suspect it is a Duron, so whatever socket type that is.
* Any of these books: http://www.adamsweet.org/misc/books.jpg At the
top, that's The Design of Everyday Things, as savaged by Jono's dog.
The black one is The Fugitive Game, the Kevin Mitnick book. At the
bottom is the corner of the Joe Strummer biography, that's not
available :)

The new things are:

* Solwise landline to VoIP adapter, no power supply
* 2 x Linksys BEFVP41 VPN routers (supports IPSEC, claims 'security
co-processor', can only find one power supply)
* HP Deskject 930C printer (takes cartridges 78 and 45)
* A large CD wallet, must hold at least 100 discs. Contains some PC
games from about 10 years ago (Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, RTCW,
various MS Flight Simulators etc)
* 2 x PC power supplies (one appears to be non-standard size) PATA
style power connectors
* ~50M of of CAT5 for strucutured cabling (not patch)
* 4 way PS/2 KVM
* 2 x 2 way PS/2 KVMs
* 2 x 8 way PS/2 KVMs
* Quite a lot of PS/2 KVM cables
* USB travel kit (small USB mouse, various USB connectors and
extensions, modem cable, USB hub etc)
* A very large box of books on starting your own business.


Adam Sweet

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