[Wolves] Trackballs

me trog at trog-oz.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 28 19:59:50 UTC 2012

> Hey gang :)
> For many years I've been suffering from RSI while using the mouse.
> It's not all of the time, so usually I get to ignore it. But when it
> happens, it lasts for days.
> A friend said that she moved over to using a trackball for the very
> same reason and maybe I should give it a go.
> Question is, would I be better off with a fingers or thumb operated
> version?
> If any of you have experience of either, could you let me know what
> you think of them?
> And this is a long shot: is there anybody with a trackball going to
> The Moon Under Water tonight? If so, could you bring it along so that
> I can get a feel for it?
> In pain,
> Iain

I use Logitech Marblemice, with the trackball in the centre.  Like you I was 
in pain using the mouse.  Also, I have a very small desk, and I could never 
find enough space to push the mouse around without running into anything :)

My first trackball was a Trust Ami Track Dual Scroll, which is huge and flat.  
Great for resting your hand on.  It also has enormous buttons which stick out 
of the sides, two scroll wheels and a centre third button.  Brilliant design 
but I wore it out after a couple of years.  The Logitechs are well over 10 
years old and still going strong (home and work).  I do miss the scroll wheel 
though.  Both brands are finger operated balls; I've never tried a thumb one 
but I think they look very awkward.

When I switched to trackballs, I started using them with the left hand.  Being 
right handed, the left hand doesn't do a whole lot.  The double learning curve 
was tough, but I've been pain free since the switch.

I work in a school, and it's great fun when students and staff use my PC to 
show me a problem they are having.  They slide the trackball all over the desk 
and wonder why the mouse pointer doesn't work.  I keep a vistors mouse plugged 
in, but hidden from view and if I'm feeling kind, I let them use it.  

Trog Woolley  

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