[Wolves] Precise alternate install

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Wed Sep 19 08:26:19 UTC 2012

On 13/08/12 16:58, Mark Ellse wrote:
> Anyhow I would be most grateful if anyone who is bored, or interested, would 
> kindly try to see if they have the same problems. If you have a machine that 
> you can experiment with, please could you try installing from the i386 
> alternate CD and see if it stalls as ours do.

Replying to an old message again I know, but looking at the bug report on 
Launchpad this is still live and you're actively working on it.

Have you tried doing the same install in a virtual machine (eg using 
VirtualBox)? If you can get it to fail in a virtual machine you'll have 
something that others can more easily reproduce. If it consistently works fine 
then that is additional info that might still help diagnose the problem. Note 
that VirtualBox will emulate more than one chipset so experiment with 
different settings to see if you can find one that fails.

Intermittent issues are frequently due to temperature etc, causing other 
components to fail. I assume the machines you're trying don't share any common 
components (eg you're not transferring one memory card between machines as you 
only have one spare one to test with)? If you have the network cable 
connected, try without it connected (I assume you can do an LTSP install 
without the cable in?)


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