[Wolves] Systems & Network Administrator position

Andy D'Arcy Jewell andy.jewell at sysmicro.co.uk
Mon Sep 24 12:36:26 UTC 2012

On 24/09/12 13:15, David Goodwin wrote:
> On 24 Sep 2012, at 12:27, Peter Cannon wrote:
>> On 24/09/12 12:14, Alistair Scott wrote:
>>> Not yet Peter. I only posted this on Friday afternoon, so we would have to have moved pretty quick to fill it by now.
>>> I don't mind you being nosey though - and pass on to anyone you think might be interested.
>> If you don't fill it and the bar gets dropped to 'Colouring in' level let me know.
> Is that above, or below "Windows Admin" ? :)
Definitely above. Most Windows Admins can't even keep inside the lines.

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