[Wolves] Fw: [linuxjobs] Consulting Positions at Red Hat

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Tue Sep 25 20:53:49 UTC 2012

> I read these with interest Chris however the criteria is like 

> "OM(f'ing)G 5 Years RH Exp? RH has only been going 10 odd years 2 years 
> seems a lot fairer.
> RHCE qualifications? S'bit unfair?
> I spoke with Ade about them, initially I thought "I can do that?" but 
> as I say I read the criteria and started to blub like a girl

What can I say, like most job ads they don't really expect you to have all 
everything on that list, if for example you don't have an RHCE but can 
reasonably expect to pass it on the first try then thats probably not a problem, 
if you've lots of good experience sysadmining Slackware because thats what 
your employer used then I wouldn't worry (well I would Slackware ffs?? but 
you know what I mean :), if you only have 2 years experience but its all 
financial services and low latency trading platforms then maybe 2 years is 
Essentially you do need to be able to go on to a customers site and from day be 
"the Red Hat expert", you don't have to know everything but you 
need to know enough to hold your own in the company of people who are generally 
very smart and often have decades of Unix experience. Its a challenge but 
that's part of the fun, and the reward is knowing you're good enough to 
do it

BTW my first linux install was Red Hat 5.0 in around 1998 so thats 14 years.

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