[Wolves] Fw: [linuxjobs] Consulting Positions at Red Hat

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Wed Sep 26 09:18:53 UTC 2012

>>  Don't you just love dates we've had every one since 1993 now. 

> 93,94,95 2000, 2004 I wish someone would make their bleedin(g) mind up. :-D
> 1993 - company started
> 1994 - released 1.0 (but I think it was released in late 93 under a
> different name?)
> 1995 - released 1.1 and 2.0 both massively popular and in the back of
> every book it seemed
> 1999 - initial public offering was estimated to be 1 trillion fuck
> tonnes over the odds (founders worth $600million each for a day or
> two)
> 2000 - bought everything that VA didn't probably including Marc's
> favourite sandwich shop and the sandwich shop used by VA employees so
> they couldn't buy it
> 2003 - made last release of Red Hat Linux, First RHEL and Fedora launched
> 2004 - ??

2005 - Profit   :)

In 93 Bob Young founded a company called ACC selling unix software, in 94 Mark Ewing (owner of the actual red hat) created a distro called Red Hat that he started selling via Bob Young's company. Bob Young quickly realised it was selling like hot cakes (iirc Mark Ewing burnt 200 CDs thinking that was more then enough until Bob Young placed an order for 1000 copies). Then in 95 Bob Young merged his company with Mark Ewing to form Red Hat, and became the CEO. Between 95 and 99 there were several rounds of venture capital investments (some from Intel, I cant remember the others of hand) and at the height of the dotcom bubble in 99 there was the IPO.

So Red Hat started in 93, or 94, or 95 depending on how you look at it, and became a public company in 99.  Of course RHEL2.1 (the first version!) was launched in 2002 so you could say that's when Red Hat became the enterprise/server focused RH we know and love today rather then just another boxed distro vendor.

Then again in 1999 Red Hat bought Cygnus (founded to provide consulting and support for GNU software, and creators of the legendary cygwin toolkit) which had been founded by Micheal Tiemann in 1989 so you could argue that the roots of Red Hat (the consulting and support divisions at least) go back before Linux was created (in 1991)

And you thought this was an easy question :)


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