[Wolves] ADSL Wireless Router with 4 ethernet ports

Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Wed Sep 26 11:56:04 UTC 2012

On 26/09/12 12:11, Dave Morley wrote:
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> On 26/09/12 11:05, John Rose wrote:
>> I'm finding it impossible to connect to most websites even using
>> wired connection from my desktop PC to 5+ year old Netgear wireless
>> ADSL2 router. So I disconnected that router, connected a much older
>> Addon ARM8100 wired-only router and I can now view those websites.
>> So I now need to buy a ADSL2 Wireless Router with 4 (or more)
>> ethernet ports. Any recommendations of make/model for a cheap
>> reliable one?
> You might want to have a look at tp-link fairly price and work well.

Be advised, some ADSL2+ routers do not in fact support it, for example we had to replace *all* our Draytek 2820's which supposedly support 2+ to 2830's I'm running a crappy D-Linux at home till I can save some pennies for ideally a Zyxel as I like their kit and they're not too expensive.

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