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James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Wed May 15 10:56:07 UTC 2013

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On 15/05/13 11:30, Adam Sweet wrote:

>> Maybe one of these for "fun with IOS"
>>>> 1 x Cisco 2500 router 1 x Cisco 1760 router 1 x Cisco 1712 
>>>> router
> Do you have a preference? You can have all of them...

Erm, OK then. (Haven't really had time to check the specs of each to

>> A couple of these for the Raspberry Pis:
>>>> 3 x Micro USB phone chargers (Outputs: 5.2v,0.5A; 5v,0.45A; 
>>>> 5v,1A)
> I bought these for a Raspberry Pi too, I found they weren't 
> powerful enough as the RPi with ethernet needs 1.2A, hence why 
> they're going spare. Let me know if you still want any. Again you 
> can have them all.

Not likely to be used if unsuitable for Raspberry Pi, so will withdraw
my request.

>> These:
>>>> Misc IDE and SATA (I and II) hard disks, nothing bigger than
>>>>  200GB, most about 80GB I expect (I'll need to scrub these 
>>>> before handing over) Misc SATA disk and power cables Misc 
>>>> D-Link, 3COM and Intel 100Mb PCI network cards Pair of PC 
>>>> desktop speakers
> I think there are about 6 disks and 5 network cards. I'll bring 
> them all, you can pick what you want and I'll offer the remainder 
> to Kevan.

How about a rough 50/50 split then, Kevan? (...or if you have specific
projects/purposes in mind I have no problem with taking less.)

Thanks Adam,

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