[Wolves] copy of several files from source folder to target folder with timestamp appended to them

Suntish Narain suntish at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 21 16:30:38 UTC 2013


I have a situation where I have several files, say file1.txt, file2.txt,
file3.txt and file4.txt (but the number of files can change!) that I want
to move from the source folder to a target folder. The only difference is
that I want the files in the target folder to have todays' date appended to
it, so would be file1_20131121.txt, file2_20131121.txt.., file4_20131121.txt

I thought
cp /home/user/Documents/source/file*
/home/user/Documents/target/file*_$(date +%Y%m%d).txt would work but no..
it says directory does not exist..

mv /home/user/Documents/source/file1.txt
/home/user/Documents/target/file1_$(date +%Y%m%d).txt works

The challenge is to get all the files from source to have the timestamp
when copied over into target.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.


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