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    'Double the fun' fact. Bilash also
      highly rated by Billy Brag during his gig at The Wufrun. That
      cannot be a coincidence :)


      On 22/10/13 21:52, Peter Oliver wrote:

    On Wed, 16 Oct 2013, Chris Ellis wrote:


      As usual we will be frequenting a local
        curry house, the current

        choices being:


         1) Cafe Rickshaw - Chapel Ash - Apparently pretty good

               - http://www.rickshawbalti.co.uk/


      This would get my vote, for the (admittedly slightly perverse)
      reason that I've never been there before.


       3) Dilshad - Berry Street - Ad suggested

               - http://www.dilshad-restaurant.co.uk/


      Been here a few times.  Always been pretty good.


       4) Bilash - Cheapside - Rated highly

               - http://www.thebilash.co.uk/


      Fun fact: supposedly, it was here that the downfall of Tony Blair
      as Prime Minister was arranged. 



I'd be happy with Cafe Rickshaw or the Bilash.


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