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Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Mon Oct 28 16:19:45 UTC 2013

On 25/10/13 15:05, Nigel R wrote:
> I'm looking to get a new laptop as my current one is starting to
> struggle a bit.  I've got a budget of 500-600, all depends on the spec.
> I quite
> like http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1094620.htm -
> which is an i7, 6gb for £500, but seems to be permanently out of stock.
> Main use is for development and some 3d modelling ( Maya 2014 ) - not
> really a gamer.  I'm doing a Fine Art degree at Wolves and getting into
> interactive installation - so all sorts of digital media will be thrown
> in - perhaps even some game development.
> Would also be interested in hearing about OS options - I mainly use
> Ubuntu, but Windows would be useful ( some software limitations ) and so
> would be good to run both.  Happy to run Ubuntu in a virtual machine as
> long as it's not too crippled in performance.
> One thing is that I would prefer new - or at least some warranty as I'd
> hate to end up with a dud which ends up as an expensive doorstop.
> Thanks for any suggestions :)

Hi Nigel,

Amazon have one in stock

It is possible that this model is being replaced and no new stock will
be built.

Have you looked at PCWorld? they have several similar spec. Acer
laptops.  Also take a look at the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge range.

It is not uncommon for the online suppliers to not hold any stock,
instead ordering only when they get an order and getting it shipped
directly to the customer/store.

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