[Wolves] New'ish to the area....

Andy D'Arcy Jewell andy at wild-flower.co.uk
Sat Sep 7 21:28:33 UTC 2013

On 07/09/13 07:54, Dave wrote:
> Hi There,
> I've recently moved back to Walsall/Wolverhampton, and noticed that
> there was a LUG a little nearer. I've been using Linux now since 2009,
> in the shape of Ubuntu, and it's what I've stuck with ever since
> ditching M$. I use it for everyday use, email, browsing etc., but I also
> use it for my hobby which is Ham Radio.
> I've also just put in for an audition for a Internet Radio Station, for
> which I use Internet DJ Console (Only as I'm not totally used to Mixxx)
> I'm a visual impaired Linux User, and would love to tag along to one or
> more of the meetings if I can get transport, in the near future.
> All the best and "Live Long and Prosper the Linux way!"
Hi Dave,

Welcome. As you have probably seen on our LUG webpage, we meet every 
other Wednesday at the Moon Underwater - we are usually right at the 
back on the right-hand side as you walk in. The staff know us, so if you 
have trouble seeing/finding us, just ask them to take you to the table 
with the computer geeks! We had a meeting this week, so the next one is 
not until the week after next.

Hope to meet you there soon...

-Andy DJ

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