[Wolves] Online multiplayer Game

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Mon Sep 9 22:38:58 UTC 2013

Hi everyone

2 LUG meetings ago I mentioned organising an online multi-player first
person shooter game. A few people were interested, enough to make it
worth taking further and if we play on the net a few times, perhaps we
could organise a LAN gaming day sometime.

The first decision is what to play, it's probably 5 years since I paid
any attention to (Open Source) 3D multiplayer game s so my list is
probably a bit off the pace. In any case, as best as my memory serves,
options include:

Open Source:

* Open Arena
* Alien Arena
* Tremulous
* Others?

Closed source but free:

* Wolf ET (very good, used to require simple audio hack on Linux, no
idea if it works with Pulse audio... Lots of good third party maps


* Quake III Arena (works on Linux but requires CD)
* Unreal Tournament (my all-time favourite LAN game, requires CD)
* Return to Castle Wolfenstein (as with Wolf ET and Quake3/UT but
awesome game)
* Quake Live (online hosted browser version of Quake III Arena - works
in Firefox on Linux)

Proprietary through Steam:

* Team Fortress 2 (never played)
* Counter Strike (honestly never played)
* Left 4 Dead 2
* Various Half Life games (no idea if any of them are online multiplayer)
* Various others

For the purposes of playing a great game, I don't really care whether
it's open source or not but I suppose it's better that more people can
play. The chances are that the old proprietary Quake 3/Unreal Tournament
engine games will be harder to get working due to audio stack changes
and the fact that most of us run 64 bit these days.

Amo, having a fat internet pipe, is prepared to host the server unless
somebody else is able to offer a colo server.

If you want to join in, feel free to vote for a game above or suggest
another. I guess it's obvious that a decent Nvidia or ATI graphics card
with 3D drivers will be required. Newer Intel graphics might be also

As for a night, I was thinking perhaps the non-LUG wednesday, as most
people will have something arranged for the same nigh each week, with
the non-LUG Weds being the odd night out.

Thoughts? Games?


Adam Sweet



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