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G Bulmer gbulmer at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 19:02:36 UTC 2013


(This might be my first post, or my first post in years.)

I'd like to do a Go lang presentation if folks are interested.

For those who don't know anything about it see :  http://golang.org/
It is Open Source, copyright Go lang authors, not Google, since 2009

Original Design team: 
- Robert Greismer (StrongTalk, Java Hotspot, Google V8)
- Rob Pike, (Plan 9, Newsqueak, Limbo, ...)
- *THE* Ken Thompson (UNIX, Plan 9, Plan 9 C compilers, UTF-8, ...), 

Concurrency supported in the Language
MUCH faster compile than C++
Easy to use tools
Supports x86, amd64, ARM
On Linux, BSD, OS X, Windows
Tools are so well made, they can be used to cross-compile for any of the above, running on any of the above

No need for make, ant, or your favourite build tool. Instead 'go build' does it all.

It is a slightly bigger language than C, much smaller than C++, Java, C#, rust, ...
   People claim you can become productive in a day or two - I'd say 2-3 days
It is as pleasant, and productive for development as a scripting language (choose your favourite from Ruby, Python, ...)
Compiles to a statically linked binary (so lovely for cloud deployment, or embedded systems)
Comparable in speed to C++ (i.e. within 2-3x, unless you want parallelism, in which case Go probably wins)
'Safer' than Java, much safer than C++ or C
Pretty good core library for writing servers, including HTTP servers, 
Some very nice ideas. IMHO so much simpler than Java/C++/C#/... yet more expressive, that it isn't funny

Free server hosting available

I could do a presentation, or a workshoppy-thing if folks bring laptops.


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> In recent discussions with Re-Load it has been suggwested that there
> should be a Wolvescon (on similar lines to Brumcon
> http://www.brum2600.net/brumcon/ ) and we have a date of Saturday, 30th
> November as a possibility.  We have a venue (with a bar) available on
> that date.
> In order to do this we need to start getting things moving ASAP, so
> firstly, who would be interested in getting involved?
> Secondly, do you have a talk you could give (I will probably roll out my
> IPv6 talk). We want to know that we have the talks before we start
> committing ourselves.

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