[Wolves] problems booting up and shutting down

Chris Ellis chris at intrbiz.com
Wed Dec 24 12:51:57 UTC 2014

Hi Mo

On Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 11:38 AM, Mo Awkati <mawkati at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello folk, sorry I have not deserted you, I'm still here!
> I need some help if possible. I bought my wife a tablet PC Asus X553M. It
> came with windows on it. She hated
> the windows os and asked me to install Linux on it. My first choice for her
> was Linux MInt. I installed it but had trouble shutting down and booting up.
> So I wiped it off and replaced it with Ubuntu 14.04. Everything seems OK
> except the booting up and shutting down. It sometimes freezes on booting up,
> and always doesn't shut down fully, I have to hold the power button on until
> it shuts down. I also started getting a message saying there is "system
> programme error" but I couldn't find what it is, so I switched the
> notification off for now.

In what way does it freeze, how long have you waited?  Can you SSH into it
whilst it is frozen?  Do you see a kernel panic printed to the screen?

> I have copied the system log file and attached here. Would anyone be able to
> look at it and / or tell me what the problems might be?

That is only the X log file, it just show a normal X start up.  You'll
need to look
at dmesg an syslog for any info.

> I have spent a couple of days searching the internet for a solution, many
> included tweaking the Grub file; I tried them but none worked :(

What did you tweak and why?

> I think it is a hardware issue but not sure what cause everything is working
> as it should!

It looks to be a typical Intel based ultrabook.

> Thank you for any help or suggestion or solutions

As Kevan mentioned you've tried to closely related, debian based distros.

Given openSUSE 13.2 a try, might have a newer kernel, which might improve

> Have a lovely Christmas
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