[Wolves] Dual boot failing - Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu

Nick Hall nicholasbhall at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 7 13:53:38 UTC 2014

Hi All,
And its me again. Last night I decided to install Ubuntu (13.10). I bought a Linux Ubuntu magazine and followed the instructions religously. 
My laptop is an Acer N56V and already had on it Windows 8.1. So I defragged the hard drive, then shrank the disc to half its size and allocated 350GB for Linux.
I booted up, and followed the Ubuntu instructions closely, making sure I created a volumne (sda3) for Linux and a swap volume. Then rebooted and the laptop goes straight into Windows 8.1.
I checked the information on GRUB (?) and then followed some instructions to reload GRUB into the live Linux version (I was using a boot up disc). I did exactly what it said and still the same problem. Books straight into Windows 8.1.  I have NO idea whats wrong. 
Any ideas?
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