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Thu Jan 23 14:34:53 UTC 2014

> On 23 January 2014 at 14:22 Dave Morley <davmor2 at davmor2.co.uk> wrote:
> It is subprocess.check_output that checks the result of running a
> command so nicely and reads it back into python :) dir(subprocess) help
> me find it and then help(subprocess.check_output) gave me how to use it
> :) As I say gotta love python :)
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> You make it, I'll break it!
> I love my job :)
> http://www.ubuntu.com
> http://www.canonical.com

Yep, that's the one I was using:

# Get a list of existing snapshots using zfs list
# All snapshots starting with data/db are potentially eligible for culling
print "Enumerating snapshots..."
cull_list=[ (s.split()[0],mkdate(s.split()[0])) for s in
                    subprocess.check_output(["zfs", "list", "-r", "-t",
"snapshot", ]).splitlines()
                        if s.startswith("data/db") ]

:D andydj
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