[Wolves] Roku 2 XS & minidlna & Universal Media Server

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Mon May 19 19:38:31 UTC 2014

You might be better off joining the ROKU forum.  There is more likely
to be a solution on there than on the UMS fuorum as it can be used on
so many different outlets.  Whereas the UMS being used on a ROKU box
is more specific, if you see what I mean.  This is why I use PLEX,
it's so much easier and just works, for me anyway.  It is only doing
the same as UMS and miniDLNA at the end of the day just a bit more
elegantly.  It does not open up a port for PLEX the company only to
your ROKU.

On 19 May 2014 20:29, John Rose <john.aaron.rose at gmail.com> wrote:
> I cancelled my order on a Zotac Media Streamer box as ebuyer.com had
> mis-stated the price & it was double the advertised price. So I bought a
> Roku 2 XS at a cheap price. I connected it to the Composite Video on the TV,
> invoked the Composite Video on the TV & it started the Roku setup. That went
> OK & I added the Roku Media Channel to My Private Channels & selected it.
> I'd already installed minidlna OK & setup its .conf file (as recommended in
> Ubuntu's Community help page) pointing to my Videos folder (on my laptop):
> #network_interface=eth0
> media_dir=A,/home/john/Music
> media_dir=P,/home/john/Pictures
> media_dir=V,/home/john/Videos
> friendly_name=JohnDesktop
> db_dir=/var/cache/minidlna
> log_dir=/var/log
> inotify=yes
> I started the minidlna service OK. However, nothing happens on the TV
> screen. Any ideas what to do?
> I've also installed Universal Media Server on my laptop. It starts OK & says
> Connected but it says that the renderer is unknown even though it picked up
> my created Roku2XS.conf file (message is: Media renderer was not recognized.
> Possible identifying HTTP headers: User-Agent: Roku/DVP-5.4 (025.04E03358A)!
> It allows me to view files on my laptop, but it hangs on retrieving a .mp4
> video file (.mp4 - H264 & AAC - OK according to the TV's documentation) -
> which plays OK on my laptop - & which the TV is able to play from a usb
> stick inserted into the TV. Contents of .conf file:
> #----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> # Profile for Roku 2 XS stream media player.
> #
> RendererName=Roku 2 XS
> RendererIcon=realtek.png
> UserAgentSearch=Roku/DVP-5.4 (025.04E03358A)
> UserAgentAdditionalHeader=
> UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch=
> Video=true
> Audio=true
> Image=true
> SeekByTime=true
> DLNALocalizationRequired = false
> MediaInfo=true
> MaxVideoBitrateMbps=0
> MaxVideoWidth=0
> MaxVideoHeight=0
> TranscodeExtensions=
> StreamExtensions=mp4
> ChunkedTransfer=false
> Explanations of the parameters are shown in the file downloaded from this
> link:
> https://app.box.com/s/g0wd84um7hmupk7ihu5t
> A full debug log is available in the file downloaded from this link:
> https://app.box.com/s/qzs9dfk8lvim8c2efdw6
> Has anybody else used UMS with a Roku box? Unfortunately, I'm not able to
> login to UMS's forum (in order to ask about Roku boxes) even though I
> registered. I sent an email to the Contact us / Administrator but it was
> bounced as unknown email id! Can somebody else try to register & login to
> the forum, just in case I blundered on the registration?
> PS I can email a UMS .conf file for the PS3 if anybody wants to investigate
> the above file.
> --
> Regards,
> John
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