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On 22 May 2014 19:43, John Rose <john.aaron.rose at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Kevan,
> I've added the PLEX channel to my Roku box. I have port 32400 open. I've
> set port 32400 in the Plex webpages to be used by the server. I started (on
> my laptop) Plex Server OK using "sudo service plexmediaserver start". In
> Plex channel, I've selected 'Discover Servers' but it finds nothing, even
> when I turn my firewall off. I saw something (in the Plex webpages) about
> Port Forwarding (presumably 32,400). Do I have to do that? If so, it means
> that I'll only be able to use 1 PC for playing videos from. I've tried to
> start the Plex Web App using (in Firefox)
> "" <>( is the fixed ip address of my Ubuntu Trusty laptop) in my
> network but that says "unable to connect".
> Running the Roku Media Player Channel does not even find the Plex media
> server.
> Any other ideas?
> Regards,
> John
Very odd....  Ok, my first thoughts are do you have an active firewall on
your router?  If so I wonder if this is blocking the communication from
your laptop to the ROKU XS?  It's stumped me in the past with older routers
:(  (not with my ROKU set up though).   Next, did you make sure you have
the permissions set correctly for each file you wish to view?  I set mine
to read and write for owner, group and others.  This may go a bit against
the grain but PLEX and I believe other medai servers need to be able to
directly access and change certain flags on the files.  These are the ones
that indicate when the file has been viewed or partially viewed together
with the meta data (cover art etc) that it attributes to the file.  Lastly,
I don't know about other media servers but PLEX is fussy about the way a
file is named.  If it is a tv programme it 'prefers' a format like Sci Fi
show s01e01.(avi, mkv,mp4 etc)  Films are a bit less fussy.  This one
caught me out for a while.  I could see tv shows on my laptop (which I use
for the Plex Media Server) and the web viewing window could see them but
they did not show up on my ROKU box.  All because I hadn't named them
correctly.  As soon as I did that and ran a refresh they were there in all
their glory :)

Try  for the web interface.
 Or, if that fails, just http://localhost:32400/web/index.html#

Let us know how you get on.

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