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Stephen Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Tue Nov 3 13:22:11 UTC 2015

On 3 November 2015 at 12:21, Peter Cannon <dick_turpin at archlinux.us> wrote:

> There is a very simple, historical, reason why we do not post in HTML and
> that is viruses. Plus nobody wants your personalised email template crap in
> their mail reader or phone thanks.
Typical Tory rewriting history :p

Viruses are a minor problem on the list because they only effect users with
a bugged html parser that will allow an attachment to propagate.  Never a
big issue outside of businesses with who have locked down their systems
then not kept up with patches.  They have historically been a problem for
the UK LUG infrastructure but not so much for the users on a day to day

Historically HTML email caused lots of problems.  Many of which aren't so
much of a problem these days because tools have caught up unless you're
trying to run a list where lots of people use outdated clients or crap they
have downloaded because it contains thousands of emoticons or a pink
interface.  Perhaps that's true in some cases here but then people should
take it on the chin.

The problems mostly came from incorrectly formatted messages or tools that
couldn't handle the latest standards how they are being used or abused in
the wild.  Tools have mostly caught up which leaves us with far fewer
problems and the education doesn't need to come in the form of such a big
stick these days.

On this list there is very little need for anyone to post html but it
shouldn't cause the issues it did 17 years ago when we started.  It
shouldn't be used for every post to the list but if needed share a small
amount of information clearly then we shouldn't get out the crucifixes like
the 'good old days'  ;)

Personally I think the biggest issue with html messages is how fucking
awful most of them look especially when rendered on a phone screen after
you've paid for the bandwidth and took a performance hit to render them.
Taste filters would be a nice addition to the RFC's  :)

Outlook, obviously, sucks for trying to use email especially outside of the
MS ecosystem.  That goes without saying.


PS.  I use Gmail's web interface for most of my personal mail these days.
It works everywhere with equally crap performance and if anyone doesn't
like it they can go and shout their opinions down the bog because I won't
be listening :p

PPS.  The death of the LUG has been mooted many times in the past and it
always pulls through after a period of evolution.  Mailing lists are quiet
all over the place these days and like Pete said (see, he's right sometimes
;) ) many of us just can't come to meetings very often even when we want
to.  The meeting isn't the LUG, the mailing list isn't the LUG the U in LUG
is the LUG and always has been.
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