[Wolves] ?????Netiquette????

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 12:20:27 UTC 2015

Ok, a rare post from me ;)  Yahoo webmail also went the 'top posting'
default a few years ago :(  I hate it but I still use it after having
to manually remove the stuff at the 'top'.  No big deal really as I
have always habitually removed crud from a previous post if I am
posting a reply.  I know and understand what it is like to have e-mail
or posts to a forum thread that have not been trimmed :(

HTML mail?  I try to post in text only format, always have always will
but just note that word, 'try'.  Sometimes the program defaults to
html and if I haven't noticed then it will go out as such :(  I prefer
plain text not because of any possible virus payload but purely
because it makes the post (e-mail or whatever) smaller in size.  Ok,
the size issue was not really an issue up until a few years ago.  Now
that more people are getting data plans on mobile phones it can be an
issue again so in a tiny way I'm hoping to help them out (shame about
this long winded mail :)  ).  Oh, if this is in html I apologize, how
does one easily send in text only in Gmail?  Skip that last bit I've
just found it.

Finally, and I can hear you cheering Mr Cannon at the back, my
understanding was that there were/are more conversations going on via
IRC?  Leaving this, the original mailing list rather quiet.  Is that
an incorrect thought?  I do not participate in IRC chats because I do
not like them.  The reason being that I can't type quick enough to
keep up (arthritis in my fingers) so I prefer good old fashioned
e-mail where I can leave it and come back in an hour or so.  I hate
instant messaging on Facebook for the same reason...


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