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James R. Haigh james.r.haigh at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 13:14:14 UTC 2015

Hi Ron, Peter, John, Amo, all,

On 05/08/15 21:41, Ron Wellsted wrote:
> At the meeting tonight, we discussed the need to start thinking about the Christmas Meal and getting somewhere booked.
> Any suggestions are welcome, but we do need to consider dietary requirements (Vegetarian/Vegan/etc.)
Wheat-free/gluten-free please. I'm gluten-intolerant (as opposed to allergic), so traces are okay. Same kitchen, same fryer, etc. is not a problem but a plateful of normal pasta, for example, would be bad.
> So far we have suggestions of Italian or Greek.
Although pasta and pizza is typically full of gluten, it seems that most Italian restaurants are actually really good at having gluten-free options, so gluten-free definitely doesn't rule out Italian.
     I'm a fan of both of those suggestions, although I don't know what Greek restaurants are typically like wrt. gluten-free. I don't think that I've ever been to a Greek restaurant that's not in Greece, and even then, that was before I realised that wheat-based foods reduced my energy in the long-term and that I was gluten-intolerant, so I wasn't paying attention to that aspect of the menus. I remember there being a lot of bread. Italian restaurants often offer gluten-free bread, I'm not sure if Greek do the same.

On 06/08/15 12:24, Peter Cannon wrote:
> On 06/08/15 09:50, John Alexander wrote:
>> […]
> Aaaarrrgghhh! Top posting!
Lol! And he of all people should know better being another LUG master! :-)
     Inline posting or quote trimming/stripping ftw.!

On 06/08/15 12:26, John Alexander wrote:
> AGGH Bottom posting .... I didn't know ...What was the consensus did folk like it ?
I don't read past the signature, if present, so the quote might as well be stripped entirely to make everyone happy, except just leave the time and person bit before the quote (e.g. for this message that would be “06/08/15 12:26, John Alexander”). Please still use the reply feature to make sure that you don't break the thread so that it's clear to which message the reply is primarily for. Thunderbird then displays the thread as a tree, as does the Pipermail archive and other clients. (I say ‘primarily for’ because it should really be a DAG, but, meh, I didn't invent email. :-P)
     Bottom posting with excessive quoting can be confusing, and does cause some people to miss the message altogether thinking that it's some kind of bounce of their own message. The key is to trim the quote enough to make sure that the reply starts somewhere near the top.

On 07/08/15 11:08, Amrik Singh wrote:
> […]
> Don't know what they are like now but Cosmo had a bit of everything  saving a food style decision  :)
Hahaha lol Amo… No wait, I've already read this… Hahaha lol again John!
     Blimey Amo, if you're going to bottom-post then /please/ don't use Microsoft Outlook -style reply quoting!!!!!
> […]
> My order of preference:
> 1. Greek
> 2. Italian
> 3. Cantonese
> 4. Thai
> 5. Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas
> 6. KFC
> 7. Indian
Some of those are too close for me to put into an order, but of those, this is my preference:
* Greek; Italian; Indian; most European food – I really enjoy these (if gluten-free).
* chip shop – I enjoy it but it's nothing special; I go to the chip shop a couple of times a week anyway.
* East Asian food – yeah, it's okay, but I've left very nice Chinese restaurants feeling delirious and headachey before now, presumably from MSG. Also, they sometimes have endangered sharks' fins on the menu which is rather bad.
* KFC – don't even go there! It's gross food that has made me feel sick before (when I had it as a young child); it's an international fast-food chain giant; and they have a very poor environmental record.

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