[Wolves] hi trying to usb dvbt dongle working here in devon

John Alexander acontractornow at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 25 19:26:39 UTC 2015

Depending on the area internal antennas work well for DVBT. See what every one else is using.For Satellite you can get   a small dish and reciever for  around £60 +  and get all the FTA  channels with out further subscription

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the big problem we having is that we doing on very limited budget my
sister council disabled persons flat (which is pretty good and brand
new she is the first tenant here) does not have an aerial installed ,
it down to her to have one fitted. She just not got the money to pay
for it and we can't help there either. Only option she got really is
to do without tv or get a cheap sky dish installed(one off payment
about £30/£40 I think at a guess) or even have a 12 month contract
with sky and go to sky freeview after the year is up , so i guess will
have to wait till the money starts rolling in from distant hill.


On 25 November 2015 at 12:54, Kevanf1 <kevanf1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Did you say you were in Devon?  If so it's no surprise you are having
> problems wit getting a decent signal.  We've holidayed all over Devon
> and Somerset over the last few years and we can never get a decent
> signal anywhere.  The problem being that you have the choice of Welsh
> transmitters or those down South (few).  Could it be that the actual
> lack of decent signal is why the dongle is not working properly?  I've
> heard in the past that to get the best out of them (or indeed,
> anything) you need a very good aerial and a very good signal.  The
> aerial you can do something about.  Look up fractal aerials on
> somewhere like 'Instructables' (Google it as I can't remember the
> url).  There are loads of proven plans on there that should take less
> an hour to build ultra cheaply and will make the most of a poor
> signal.


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