[Wolves] Wolves Digest, Vol 606, Issue 1

Matt Dooner dclscratch at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 12:13:40 UTC 2016

Long time since I replied to a mailing this thread, lets hope I do this

                 /---> Phones
                /---> CCTV
BT -> Router --/--------\
                         >-- Router --> Internal Network
Virgin -> Router -------/

Your phones and CCTV could be on the other side, and it is probably
simplest to have them on one network or the other. I don't have much
experience with VOIP though. A switch will not do it, you'll need another
router and network behind the two BT / Virgin routers. Make sure the BT /
Virgin routers are on different subnets. There is probably some fancy
hardware out there that can roll all this into a single device.


> Long time no bother with question ;-)
> This may well be a question with a simple answer, or open a can of worms.
> I have a property that we want no down time for internet access, so
currently have a Virgin internet
> box as well as a BT connection.
> If both services are up, VOIP phones are through one connection and
computers all through the other, then if one fails we just
> shift a patch lead from one to the other to run all services through one
router. DHCP done by each router.
> So, clearly to automate this I need a switch between both incoming
routers and the two subnets.
> Guessing? This would immediatley screw up dhcp as only need one one a
working network, but if that connection failed, would lose DHCP.
> Would the right Switch be used instead for the DHCP?
> We also have an incoming port forward to security cameras to watch
remotely, would the right switch be programmable for this?
> Any answers or pointers to a simple tutorial?
> Thanks
> Wayne

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