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Peter Cannon dick_turpin at archlinux.us
Fri Aug 19 14:20:58 UTC 2016

On 19/08/16 14:04, Stephen Parkes wrote:

> This whole getting people who might be interested into one place and
> potentially boring them into submission is how they sell time shares not
> ideas.

So let me get this straight, getting everyone into one place for FOSCON, GUADEC, FOSDEM, <ADD EVENT> is OK because they're all like minded people with the same values and interests but getting *outsiders* in is wrong?

> You might have seen the same old faces at OggCamp etc but those are the
> people who are doing things daily to break down barriers.  Give them
> more ideas to use and spread to the people they are connected with
> rather than expect everyone to bring in a new cult member and do that
> thing with our trouser legs we aren't meant to talk about.

But they don't, or at least the vast majority don't.

> If you widen the appeal you'll just get more of the same people from
> different backgrounds.  That's a very good thing but I'm not sure it's
> the thing you think it is.  :)

Yeah, because we don't want any of those pesky non users floating around messing up our cosy little walled garden. Personally I'm done with these events were it's the same old faces churning out the same old mantras while preaching to the converted. Has ANY of those "Panels", and I've been on some of them, changed their points of discussion in the last 5 years? Nope.

There are lots of people I love in the community and it was the yearly opportunity to see them in the flesh but ultimately I stopped attending any talks and spent 80% of the time just chewing the cud with friends. The next event I want to go to will have proper Red Hat, SuSE and even Canonical stands actually pushing to win business and promote OSS.

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