[Wolves] how do i get grub to switch to external monitor

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 14:05:04 UTC 2016

Mark.  Alarm bells started to ring while I was in the shower.  The
technical help at HP told you something that I couldn't quite
fathom...  In a nutshell they reckoned that the vga driver was not
loaded so you would not see the BIOS screen on an external monitor.
I'm not sure I understand this train of thought.  The BIOS is a small
piece of software that looks for an operating system.  Very roughly in
my understanding the BIOS switches the operating system on  and then
withdraws into the background.  Ok, so far so good.  But why then do
you see the various bits and pieces and the option to delve into the
workings of the BIOS well before any operating system has been looked
for?  What I am getting at is the fact that you can see options for
the BIOS so therefore the BIOS itself must have some low level video
drivers in play.  So why are these not seen on a connected external
monitor?  Or am I missing something?

By the way, I feel your pain (quite literally) on the disability
front.  I've not been able to work since the end of 2000.  I have
chronic arthritis which is rapidly worsening.  All I can say is to
keep looking to the good side of things.  Try not to dwell on the
negatives in life which I do fully understand is not an easy to do
even though it is easy to say...

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