[Wolves] Test messages and there should have been a meeting this week.

Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Thu Jun 23 16:15:46 UTC 2016

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So it looks like the mailman on lug.org.uk does not like PGP/MIME
formatted messages, silently discarding them.

Also, there should have been a meeting this week, I did send out a
list message on Monday from thunderbird which now defaults to PGP/MIME
(the same may be true of Evolution), but it never got through to the
list.  Easy, send again in inline format, however...

Monday afternoon my ICD shocked me twice within 2-3 minutes without
any warning. I called 999 for an ambulance, the second shock occurring
while I was on the phone. If you were in Wolverhampton on Penn Road,
the Ring road or Wednesfield Road about 5pm on Monday, the ambulance
with all the music & lights may well have been me. I was taken into
the Resus area and put onto a monitor. After ensuring I was stable I
was transferred to the Cardiology ward. Tuesday morning was taken with
detailed tests and interrogating the ICD to discover why it had
shocked me.

It turned out that I had gone into fast AF which the device had
interpreted as being VF, I had also narrowly avoided a 3rd shock. It
has now be reprogrammed to (hopefully) avoid doing this in future. You
know it is an unusual situation when the person doing the programming
is on the phone to the device manufacturer double checking that they
are changing the right parameters.

After another night on the ward to check that the changes had not
caused any problems, I was finally released on Wednesday afternoon.

I must send a big thank you to the West Midlands Ambulance Service and
all the staff at New Cross hospital.

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